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Education in Ukraine

International students have an opportunity to study in more than 240 universities in Ukraine and gain the specialization in different scientific fields. The main languages of instruction in Ukrainian Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) are Ukrainian, Russian or English. Every year higher educational establishments welcome students from more than 150 countries.

Ukrainian HEIs provide such levels of higher education:

Junior Bachelor;



Doctor of Philosophy;

Doctor of Science.


Foreigners enroll to Higher Educational Institutions on accredited educational programs:

  1. twice a year, before and at the beginning of the academic semester (until November 1 and until March 1 accordingly) for the degree programs – Junior Bachelor, Bachelor and Master;

  2. during the year for postgraduate studies, doctoral studies, clinical studies, medical residency, programs of the preparatory faculty (department), and the academic mobility programs.

The main informational source about higher education in Ukraine for foreign students is Ukrainian State Center for International Education of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Center is only one official state platform, which is engaged into preparation of foreign students for study in Ukraine. On official web-site http://studyinukraine.gov.ua entrants can get general information about studying programs, apply procedure and other practical advice.

Besides this, entrants can apply for studying online in any higher educational establishment in Ukraine via site http://studyinukraine.gov.ua.

Ukrainian State Center for International Education provides such services: processing the student’s documents, helping with choosing the university and studying program, presenting documents to the higher educational establishment, receiving the invitation, visa support, meeting in the airport.